When Should Stairlifts Be Used in the Workplace

Stairlifts are fantastic pieces of equipment for improving the mobility of people who otherwise have a hard time getting around, whether this is in their own property or a public place. This type of equipment is also very useful in the workplace, where it can assist a number of individuals in many different circumstances.

One of the major instances where a stair lift installation should be integrated into the workplace is when there is a member of staff that has a disability, and who needs convenient and secure mobility solutions in place in order for them to get around the building as easily as possible.

With many people with physical disabilities being encouraged into today’s workforce, this kind of equipment can be found in buildings and business premises nationwide. Those who have physical disabilities can feel more secure and have greater ease of access to certain parts of the premises due to these kind of devices, which can be complemented by lifts, ramps and more.

The other major advantage of have a stair lift installation in place in a particular workplace is that is can actually encourage more job applications from those that have mobility issues. Where a top priority for some people with impaired mobility is how easily they can get around when they turn up for work, installing this solution can be very appealing.

Although those with a permanent physical disability can obviously benefit from the implementation of this kind of mobility solution, there are also other instances when stair lift installation can be used in the workplace.


One of these situations is when a staff member suffers an injury or is involved in an accident and needs a temporary solution put into place as they make their recovery. Although the injury may be only temporary, a long recovery time could potentially mean time off work, and this is not an option or wish of many who are keen to get on with their lives.

As the reduced mobility is a temporary situation, the solution can also be temporary, with stair lift rental rather than a permanent installation. Many reputable companies dealing in this kind of equipment can provide rental solutions, meaning that you can hire the equipment that you need for as long as you need it.

As well as helping all of your employees attend work when circumstances may otherwise dictate that they cannot, installing this kind of solution does not have to be costly. Many rental options are very reasonably priced, from as little as 10 per week and all inclusive – just a small price to pay to ensure staff with reduced mobility can still attend work if they are fit to do so.

A final reason why a stair lift installation may be a good idea in the workplace is when there are frequent visits to the premises by those that have reduced mobility. This can include instances where elderly people need to attend doctors’ appointments on the second floor of a building without a lift, or a disabled business client is in attendance for a meeting.

If there are many clients and visitors to the building that would appreciate the security and ease that this kind of device provides, then it is often an excellent idea to install one. As mentioned above, prices for implementing one of these solutions do not have to be costly, regardless of whether a company opts for rental services or to invest in brand new equipment.

Overall, installing any mobility solution in the workplace will bring a number of advantages for a variety of people, including disabled employees, employees that are recovering after a physically-limiting accident or injury, and guests and visitors that have reduced mobility. In all cases, there is a rental or permanent solution that can be adapted to the needs of each workplace.