Domain name registration is the first step to take when starting a website, while web hosting is the second. For you to get a great domain name and web hosting, there are some things you must put into consideration.

In this article, I would give you some things to consider for domain registration and web hosting. First, let’s start with domain registration.

  1. Get an easy name. Your domain must be easy to spell and remember. Don’t let your domain name be too lengthy and cumbersome. Simple is the key.
  1. Buy other related names. Most people overlook buying other names related to their domain name. For example, if you are choosing, then you should also buy,, It will help you protect your business in case of when your customer misspells your name.

  1. Relevant name. Your name should be relevant to what your website is all about. You can add keywords to your domain name. Adding keywords to your name will help you rank higher in search engines.
  1. Unique name. You should avoid trouble by letting your name be unique. Make sure that your name is not similar to any other company’s name. For instance, if there is already a website with the name, don’t select as your domain name.
  1. Think wisely before making payment. Always remember that once you purchase a domain name, you won’t be able to change it anymore. So think wisely before purchasing a domain name. Make sure you take your time to choose your domain name before registering it.

So now that we have learned the tips to consider when registering a domain name let’s look at some tips to consider when choosing web hosting:

  1. Know your hosting needs
  2. Check for the price on both signs up and renewal, be sure it is convenient for you
  3. Check for the hosting company’s reliability
  4. Check for the hosting company’s uptime guarantees
  5. Be sure of the quality of the hosting plan you are choosing
  6. Study the hosting features; check for the number of add on domains allowed
  7. check the hosting plan if it offers a control panel
  8. Check for the other hosting plan’s supporting features.

After you have put all these above tips into consideration, you can confidently choose a hosting plan. If you are a newbie, I advise you hosting with Shopify.