Choosing a web host can be quite difficult especially if you are an amateur in web hosting. Choosing the wrong web hosting can be very expensive and meaningless. You don’t want that to happen to you. So I have compiled four factors you should never forget to consider when choosing a web host.

  1. Price. When it comes to web hosting, the price ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars per month. Most amateurs might be tempted to choose the cheapest package of web hosting. But what exactly is cheap? The packages might be tempting and cheap, but you might find yourself paying in other ways as you continue to use the package. If you are choosing a package, it must be able to host at least 50-100 domains; it should also offer web mail and email services, updated PHP and MySQL, basic after-sale technical support and auto script installations; if the package offers all these services, then you know that the price is worth it.

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  1. Purpose. Before you choose a web host, always consider what you want to use your website for. I wouldn’t encourage you to use free hosting if you solely want to make income on your website as free hosting is always supported by advertising, and most customers’ hates seeing a website all filled up with different kinds of ads. But if you are running a personal internet site, you can go for free hosting.
  1. Customer service. Your web skills might be super good, and your hosting company might be fantastic, there will always be a time that something will go wrong or you will need to ask questions. When that inevitable time comes, you will need a stable and reliable customer service to answer your questions and solve your problems. If your hosting company doesn’t have a good customer service, you will have to bear the cross alone. That is why you should also consider the company’s customers service before choosing them.
    1. Additional services. Although additional services might add to your bills, they are worth it. If you are hosting a website for business purposes, additional services are very beneficial for you. Some additional services a hosting company should offer include email services, secure server and website statistics. These additional services are essential if you want to make profits in your business. When choosing a web host, always consider additional services.